Today’s HR managers all look to streamline HR processes, maximize work efficiency and productivity for sustainable business success. Whatever your priority, all you need is Reckon Total Staffing Solution, a simple-to-use and all-inclusive web-based staffing solution to get things done in an efficient way.

High security

Reckon is deployed on Microsoft's cloud computing platform, which offers a high level of security and agility for you to harness the advantages of cloud computing.

High Reliability

Reckon allows you to access applications needed to fulfill your tasks without hardware investment.

Full compliance

Versions of Reckon are continually updated to ensure you are conducting your business in compliance with the Employment Ordinance and other labor-related legislations in Hong Kong.

Affordable Price

A good HR system does not have to be expensive. With Reckon, you can enjoy all the functionality of a robust powerful staffing solution at a very affordable price.

Efficiency Enhancement

The user-friendly and efficient solution streamlines complicated HR and payroll processes with EDI support to save your time for strategic initiatives.


A customized Enterprise version of Reckon is available to let you get exactly what you want to suit the unique needs and functions of your business.

Product Information

HR Administration Portal

We know that today’s HR managers are busy. As the role of HR is getting more strategic, you can no longer afford to spend most of your time handling time-consuming insignificant tasks and paper work. Automating and streamlining HR processes with the help of a well-designed HR Administration Portal enables you and your staff to get things done in an efficient and systematic way.

Reckon’s HR Administration Portal allows you the ability to manage employee data, timesheets, leaves, trainings, MPF/ORSO, internal job openings, payroll and taxation from any location and at any time. With Reckon in place, you are released from the burden of administration and can focus your time on the more strategic areas of your business.

Self-Service Portal

It is a major trend in HR management to decentralize administrative functions with the adoption of self-service solutions, which enable HR managers to handle most of the employee data and administrative processes efficiently. In addition, it empowers employees to manage their own profiles and have faster and more direct communication with their managers.

Reckon’s Self-service Portal offers a list of practical functions to give your people’s power to manage their work arrangements and activities via the platform, so that you can free up time and resources for more strategic tasks. The Self-service Portal also boosts data accuracy as it enables employees to update their personal information and managers to follow up with quick access to track on every employee’s status with on-time notifications.

About Us

Business Background

The latest HR application

Reckon System (Asia) Limited . For startups to larger-scale enterprises, the latest HR application offering delivers you a flexible, cost-effective and human approach to meet all your HR needs as never before! With RECKON in hand, you can effectively fulfill all your HR tasks while saving time, money and valuable resources.

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Partnership with HSBC

Whether for legal compliance or HR efficiency, it is crucial for companies to set up sound and robust remuneration policies and payroll systems to proceed stable and timely payment and maintain proper payroll records. We understand your need so well therefore we partner with HSBC to enable RECKON users to automate and regulate the transfers of payroll and MPF contributions by a secure channel through HSBC in an EDI format.

The MPF and Autopay payroll system we adopt for RECKON is high-level of security, stability and reliability. From now on, sending your payroll and MPF contribution will be a quick, painless and efficient process!

Technical Background

RECKON is a full-featured cloud-based staffing solution hosted in secure data center powered by Amazon Web Services, an open and flexible cloud platform that enables users to quickly build, deploy and manage applications.

With a cloud-based solution like RECKON in place, a completely secure Payroll and MPF solutions can cater for any needs, Microsoft Windows Azure hosted environment with 24/7 support, zero hardware investment and maintenance, eliminating the time, cost and resources that network management has traditionally required. The proven high flexibility, reliability and stability of Amazon Web Services also allow you to focus on your strategic tasks, business challenges and customer needs without any security concern.