We know that today’s HR managers are busy. As the role of HR is getting more strategic, you can no longer afford to spend most of your time handling time-consuming insignificant tasks and paper work. Automating and streamlining HR processes with the help of a well-designed HR Administration Portal enables you and your staff to get things done in an efficient and systematic way.

Reckon’s HR Administration Portal allows you the ability to manage employee data, timesheets, leaves, trainings, MPF/ORSO, internal job openings, payroll and taxation from any location and at any time. With Reckon in place, you are released from the burden of administration and can focus your time on the more strategic areas of your business.

Employee Profile Management

It gives you a complete picture of how your workforce looks like with quick access to employee profiles and all relevant employee information anytime.

Leave Management

It enables you to track and calculate different types of leave and keep leave record in a consistent manner.

Time Attendance

It helps you to manage your workforce and track employee time and attendance more efficiently.

Expense Claims

Payment automation for payroll and MPF processed through secure channels, while payment statuses and records are saved for easy reference and checking.

Payroll Management

It supports the input of payroll formula, commission calculation and payroll processing with flexible setting.

MPF/ORSO Management

It enables systematic management of MPF and ORSO, ready with contribution calculation and reports, including contribution records for MPF Employee Choice Arrangement.


It simplifies tax administration procedures with total management support to satisfy your tax filing needs.


It assists you to schedule training and learning initiatives for employees and there after, monitor attendance, completion and cost.

Multi-level Security

The user-friendly and efficient solution streamlines complicated HR and payroll processes with EDI support to save your time for strategic initiatives that impact the growth of your business.